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I AM the ebb and flow of creation
I AM geometry exploding perfection
I AM the lotus reaching for sunlight
I AM in love with the passion of being

I AM songbirds greeting the sunrise
I AM a child born of the moment
I AM dew anointing the morning
I AM the holy breath of freedom

I AM the shimmer of lush, green landscapes
I AM a river flowing upstream
I AM a willow dancing with shadows
I AM the open eyes of compassion

I AM the words to the song Imagine
I AM a butterfly aware of the chrysalis
I AM a pink and orange and blue skyline
I AM corn silk stalking light breezes

I AM the outcome of thunder and lightning
I AM clouds bursting forth in the desert
I AM the gold at the end of the rainbow
I AM a meadow of Queen Anne´s Lace

I AM the vibrancy and spectrum of color
I AM pipe dreams becoming authentic
I AM the smile behind indigo faces
I AM coyote rejoicing in laughter

I AM the music of Andrea Boccelli
I AM best friends with the rune of joy
I AM a hologram searching for mirrors
I AM Sophia, caretaker of wisdom

I AM the veiled mystery behind time and space
I AM the memory of homeostasis
I AM the granite guardian of silence
I AM a firefly enjoying the sunset

I AM the full moon courting the nighttime
I AM the wish of destiny´s star
I AM imagination´s inventor
I AM the essence of peace on Earth

I AM an ocean of hidden treasure
I AM the labyrinth´s passport to secrets
I AM potential contained in the void
I AM the queen of all heart´s desire

I AM a pure crystalline light shaft
I AM the line between genius and madness
I AM a sovereign, immortal being
I AM the gardener, planter of truth

I AM the alpha and the omega
I AM the key to the tree of life
I AM a circle becoming the spiral
I AM eternal, world without end
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