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i want to shout to the rooftops on this...but i have learned it's better to talk to only those who want to listen...not to everyone.

the universe told me in 3's that i needed to switch to the 7-3:30pm shift at work. so this week i did and was told at unity this past sunday a topic of light language was being held by a john christan and another lady at the holistic living network. it spoke to me..so i went and was able to as the universe provided to me..many gratitude and blessings belong my life and beyond my life to it....because i lived LIVED there.

I met old friends, made new ones...and was immeidately in a room full of light...full of good people. then i met john who i met at the between jobs ministiry...who knew he was not only christian.... at consious rave and other places they were talking about letting go of judgement...this showed me what it was trying to say...just because someone is christian and goes to a christian church does not mean they are not spiritual or open to other modalities of spiritually and the soul. while he was giving what brought him to this....i vibbed, both mediums/sensitive to the spiritual world..both lots of experience with gunk.....i knew it was at work....got confused with technical aspects but felt the energy and saw things through the papers of the grids that were being passed on...the lady said only learn if you are being called.....my mind was holding me back..then john and i talked and spirutally vibed. my energy was raised and we were talking but our spirits and other beings were connecting so much and it all clicked....i didn't need to speak. so blessed to have met him...then from there on and now...i am seeing multiple dimensions at once.....i saw a big version of my inner higher self with long hair and beautiful skin and body and clothing as i want to be dancing to ru paul's glamazon..and as she moved i did too...i could see what she was going to do before i did it..... i could see spirits wave to me...i tink john did...i saw a light and thought maybe if this is on i can pick up fred's poo...someone of the light told me either it was on or i can turn it on...then i saw it...then it flickered and i was told it is on on another universe/parallel.....and i could understand.....and i can understand my dog sees spirit animals....sees this world with me..is meant to be on this journey with me and grow..can communicate spiritually with me....sees the angels as i do.....i saw christ and he told me it's okay to be open to his power......and i said okay...as i said i am open an receptive to the universe 3 times as i do dailiy i felt warmth in my hands..i felt power......and i realized that i have done light language before.....without knowing it......and i knowthis is meant to be as i shifted to light.worker instead of pagan. 


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